Fishing Seasons in Myrtle Beach and murrells Inlet

The Best Seasons for Catching Fish and the types of fish you can catch...

The types of fish you can catch in Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet will vary from season to season .

  • The slowest two months for fishing around the Myrtle Beach area are February and March, although some Black Drums and Winter Trout may be available.
  • Starting in April, whiting start showing up and in May Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel and Cobia show up.
  • In June the Flounder, Red drum, Blues, and Sheep Head are plentiful.
  • During the summer months a variety of fish are available including Red Drum, Spot Fish, Bass, Flounder, King Mackerel, Blue Fish, Summer Trout, and Winter trout.
  • With the average air temperature at 77 degrees, October is a great month to go fishing in and around the Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet areas.
  • In the Fall from September through November Black Drum can be found around the Jetties in Murrells Inlet, along with Spot Fish, Bass and Spanish Mackerel.
    The Fall in Myrtle Beach offers some of the best fishing because many of the bait stealers, such as pin fish and small black bass, disappear leaving only the big fish you would want to catch.